Business Enablers

What are Business Enablers?

Business Enablers facilitate business efficiency, productivity, growth and profitability.  Without access to these services, businesses are not necessarily prevented from operating, but they will face barriers to scale, compete, grow, cannot create jobs, and consolidate value.

Access To Energy

Low income Wholesale & Retail value chain participants, and particularly micro retailers, lack reliable and affordable sources of energy to support their trading operations.  This translates into higher operational costs, reduced trading hours, sub-optimisation of sales revenues, and decreased net incomes.

In the coming months GEMS4 will partner with existing suppliers to develop and implement solutions to overcome this for lower income traders which will enable them increase trading hours and consequently, their income.

Access To Logistics

GEMS4 is seeking to pilot initiatives to intervene at identified insertion points of the logistics chain between producer and consumer in order to create jobs in the sector, improve efficiency and increase incomes.

Logistical challenges pervade the wholesale and retail chains in Nigeria, irrespective of product type.  Challenges vary from the cost, availability and efficiency of transport to the operational and commercial linkages between different actors and intermediaries.  There are also challenges at aggregation centres (collection points, packing houses) and disaggregation centres (warehouses, distribution centres).  In the case of perishable food products, these inefficiencies contribute considerably to post-harvest and financial losses for producers and traders

Access To Infrastructure

In Nigeria, the wholesale and retail trade sector is constrained by insufficient formal market places.  This impacts systems, procedures and social relations limiting optimal commercial activity. The opportunity therefore exists to create alternative go-to-market options higher up the value chain based on lessons learned from GEMS4 studies of other African countries.

The project will implement initiatives to upgrade and build modern fresh produce collection centres, packing houses, wholesale distribution centres and retail market places that are owned and operated either by local authority bodies at Federal or State government level and / or by private sector operators.